Diary of war

Experience the first month of the 2022 Russian invasion through the eyes of four young people in Ukraine

by Anneleen Ophoff & Juli Simond

Vesna is 16 and has never left her country—though her consumption of American pop culture gives her words a cosmopolitan flair. Oleksandr is about to turn 20 but he never imagined he’d do so under the sound of shelling and air raid sirens. Steve and Tom left their native Nigeria behind to study abroad, only for conflict to find them once again. And Anna loves her city, mum, boyfriend and cat so dearly that it’s hard to imagine any other life.

This is a story—based on diary entries and interviews with those who have lived the war in different parts of Ukraine—of a swift and brutal destruction of a life and country that got ripped apart in front of their eyes. It’s a story they want to share with you, who witnessed the war through TV screens and on news apps. It’s a story of the first month of a war that changed everything.

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