Summer School

European Science-Media Hub (ESMH) organises Summer School to help journalists cover the climate crisis

This year’s ESMH Summer School, ‘Journalism and climate change: how to tell the story right?’, offers journalists a unique opportunity to gain insight in what the EU is doing in the field of climate change, meet prominent science journalists covering environmental topics and learn from their experience.


Where and When

Brussels, European Parliament 7-11 June 2022 

Who can apply?

Journalists, working in the 27 EU member States and interested in the field of climate reporting.

Why apply?

During this four-day training journalists can join various discussion panels, exchange with other journalists from all over Europe, actively contribute to the workshops and produce concrete outputs in line with the workshop’s topics.

Speakers confirmed from:

... and many more

The participants of the Summer School will also be able to join the ‘Festival of the New European Bauhaus’ (9-12 June), organised by the European Commission. 

About costs

If you are accepted to join the event, your travel and lodging costs will be remunerated for the length of the event.

Apply before 30 May: (link/email address)

About the European Science-Media Hub (ESMH)

The European Parliament’s European Science-Media Hub (ESMH) organises regular trainings for journalists on current scientific and technological developments. 

The ESMH was launched in 2018 to facilitate the exchange of information between researchers, policy-makers and the media. The ESMH would like to support and empower journalists in their work of reporting on topics related to science and new technology by providing better access to trustworthy sources, workshops and training sessions.

For more about ESMH

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