Diary of War

23 March 2022

Day twenty-eight

Steve [Cluj-Napoca]

We’ve been here for over 20 days now. Stuck in this hotel, stuck at this point in our lives. No one has answers for us.

It’s very difficult to feel at home. We don’t find a lot of colour here. We try to fit in, but some people bully us. We still try as much as we can to adapt and cast negative comments aside. 

It’s been tough, though. One day when walking in the street, I saw a group of pals acting really stupid, yelling “What’s this n***** doing in Romania?”

Another time, I had a gun pulled on me when I walked into a store. A gun! Just because I wanted to buy some food.

There’s four of us—Nigerians—here. But sometimes, I just feel so alone.