Diary of War

19 March 2022

Day twenty-four

Oleksandr [Zaporizhzhia]

Our mayor reports that the Russian invaders used a BM-30 Smerch, a modern multiple rocket launcher system dubbed “Whirlwind”. It’s a truck with a large gun that can fit a lot of rockets. But these rockets contain smaller bombs that are released upon explosion.

Today, the aftermath of the bombing is clear. Three sites now lay in ruins. Nine people died. 17 more are injured. Half of these victims were hit after the first rocket landed. When the rescuers arrived at the scene, another rocket hit them, resulting in a number of casualties. One rescuer died.

For 24 days, Zaporizhzhia was left alone. I’m devastated to report that we have now officially entered the list of cities where civilians have died due to Russia’s “special operation”. Special operation of what? Killing the innocent?