This is What a Generation Sounds Like: Josh & Franco

A father-son coming of age story

From deep in the south of Italy, we bring you a father and son’s coming of age stories, told in parallel.

“I’m Josh, and this is my dad Franco, over the phone. So far we’ve introduced ourselves as a traditional dad-and-son duo. But there is yet another story though: we are both, in fact, uhm, gays. Homosexuals. Both my dad and I. We both come from the tiniest village in the south of Italy you can think of, where this bond was once a shame—a sin and a disease even. But this is not the story we want to share with you though. This is a story of friendship, pride, understanding, and empathy. We are Josh and Franco, and this is our story.”

Listen to this touching audio story and let Josh and his father Franco take you through the very different stages of their lives.

About this series

This is the second episode in a new series called This Is What a Generation Sounds Like—a collaboration between The Europeans Podcast and Are We Europe. It brings you personal stories from young Europeans across the continent, tackling a broad range of issues affecting them. This series is produced in cooperation with Allianz Kulturstiftung, an independent not-for-profit cultural foundation committed to strengthening cohesion in Europe using the tools of art and culture. Find out more at

The episodes are all sound-rich audio productions, coupled with a visual interpretation of the story, merged into a new concept: a Visual Podcast. Starting off with an audio-first story, we combine it with visuals that serve as a guide, accompanying the story through another lens.

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Production — Katz Laszlo & Giosuè (Josh) Prezioso
Editorial Support — Dominic Kraemer, Katy Lee, Andrei Popoviciu & Priyanka Shankar
Visual & Motion Design — Eddie Stok
Project Coordination – Mick ter Reehorst
Translation – Giosuè Prezioso
Subtitles – Marco Mingolla

Illustration by

Eddie Stok