This is What a Generation Sounds Like: Valeria

Valeria is an intimate take on protecting hope, love and drive amidst the war in Ukraine.

When war destroys your world, how do you construct a new sense of purpose?

About this series

This is the last episode in a series called This Is What a Generation Sounds Like—a collaboration between The Europeans Podcast and Are We Europe. It brings you personal stories from young Europeans across the continent, tackling a broad range of issues affecting them. This series is produced in cooperation with Allianz Kulturstiftung, an independent not-for-profit cultural foundation committed to strengthening cohesion in Europe using the tools of art and culture. Find out more at

The episodes are all sound-rich audio productions, coupled with a visual interpretation of the story, merged into a new concept: a Visual Podcast. Starting off with an audio-first story, we combine it with visuals that serve as a guide, accompanying the story through another lens.

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Illustrations and Animations — Ana Rodrigues
Photography — Sorana Horsia & Valeria Fokina
Video production — Ana Rodrigues, Giada Santana & Eddie Stok
Project Management — Giada Santana
Creative Direction — Ana Rodrigues & Eddie Stok
Editorial Supervision — Anneleen Ophoff

Audio Producers — Katz Laszlo and Valeria Fokina
Sound design — Katz Laszlo 
Mixing and mastering — Wojciech Oleksiak

Visuals by

Ana Rodrigues