Are We Europe is launching a new YouTube channel:

As part of our collaboration with the pan-European media project ENTR, the Are We Europe editorial team is launching the Dutch-language YouTube channel, which aims to reach a young target group in the Netherlands and Belgium with original video reportages and translated content from produced by ENTR partners around the continent. Subtitles will be available in Dutch and in English.

“While Flemish-speaking Belgium and the Netherlands share a language and parts of their histories, very few media actually address or even play with this. We’re happy that allows us to unapologetically go across borders – not just by collecting stories from the two neighboring countries, but also by sharing the lived realities of people from all corners of the European continent,” says Anneleen, our Editor-in-chief.

Are We Europe has been a project partner since 2022 and has supported the development of the ENTR TikTok channel, but has been working closely with the other European editorial teams in the new roles since March 2023.

ENTR is available in eight different languages, each with their own channels: Dutch, Bulgarian, English, German, French, Portuguese, Polish and Romanian. ENTR’s goal is to make important stories accessible across linguistic borders, and has set itself apart by producing content in each of these languages to really speak to each audience in the languages they understand best.

Patrick Große, ENTR Head of Content: “With the [expansion of ENTR], we also expand our range of topics and perspectives: We are interested to know what moves young people in the Netherlands, Belgium – and how they see themselves as Europeans.”

We hope to see you tuning in! is now available on YouTube.